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Used up, poured out...spent

Updated: Oct 28

In one of my favorite stories in the Bible, God had just used Elijah as he called down fire from heaven and defeated the prophets of Baal, resulting in their subsequent death. His life was then threatened by Jezebel when she heard the news. Scripture tells us that Elijah's humanity kicks into high gear, and he becomes afraid. Wait. What? How could this man of God be afraid? Hadn’t he just performed great miracles for Yahweh and called fire down from heaven in a spectacular show of God’s power. Had he already forgotten what God had just done?? Maybe as Elijah faced yet another crisis, he found himself used up, poured out, spent. So he does what any of us would do. Elijah runs. He finds a place to hide and to rest. In the wilderness, he finds himself exhausted and at the end of himself.

I can just imagine him lying alone under a tree in what we would call the fetal position- physically, emotionally, and spiritually wiped out. If you’ve been there - given all there is to give, hit the wall, and you don’t know if you can carry on. You’re not alone. As Elijah was lying under that juniper tree, the Lord Jesus himself came to him in the wilderness; the Angel of the Lord at the passage refers to Him. Jesus personally ministers to the prophet. Not only does Jesus see his need spiritually and emotionally, but He physically cares for him too. He provides him warm cake and water and implores him to rest. I need to be reminded that when I’m exhausted, sick, or burned out, the Lord Jesus right there next to me. My Savior seeks me out, strengthens me, protects me, and implores me to rest physically and in Him. The very person of the Lord Jesus himself. How could the God of all creation care so much for us that he would care for us so beautifully and faithfully? What a humbling and comforting passage.

Fast forward to the end of the story, Jesus was ministering to Elijah so he could meet him at Mt. Horeb (the mount of God -where the presence of Yahweh dwelt) where he would hear from Jesus and receive final instructions to complete his ministry as a prophet. What an incredible story of God's servant, of sacrifice, of humanity and frailty, and the wondrous love of God for his servant. How humbling that Jesus would minister to us and use us even still to carry the gospel message.



Christ Culture Community Church is a group of Princeton, TX dedicated to making jesus know in their city; they are located at Willow Pond Venue in Princeton, Texas

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