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June Launch Event 

Pop up Snow Cone Party

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Making the gospel known


Studying and applying the Bible to our lives.


Loving and Serving others


Doing life in Community with other believers

What we are all about...

Our house: Christ Culture

Welcome Home.

We are so glad you are here.

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Partner with us as we plant a new church in the Princeton and Farmersville communities.Wherever you are, Thank you for giving to help others. Your generosity is making the difference. 



Let us know you want to get involved. We have many opportunities as we prepare to launch, and serve the community, the people and ultimately God himself. 

Our mission is to bring the healing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ  to broken people that live within our sphere of influence. Then to grow in our knowledge and commitment to God and one another,  resulting and living in a culture that reflects the glory of Christ.  .​


a culture of Grace and Peace.