Group Seflie

At Christ Culture we desire to actively foster growth  in a community of believers in light of who Christ is and what his word teaches us. Christ is preeminent. He permeates every part of who we are; how we live, think and relate to people, the community and the world around us. 

About Us

The community of Princeton is home to over 15,000 people and is one of the fastest growing areas in Collin County. Housing is being built rapidly and businesses are quickly moving in. Christ Culture wants to reach every family with the Good News of Jesus Christ and be a place for people in the Princeton area to find hope and community. 


Meet The Team

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Todd Nivens and Tina 

Co pastor and wife


    Alex Myers and Paisley

    Co Pastor and wife


    Brian Gaffner and Tracy

    Production  and Creative Arts Pastor and wife

    Joshua Nivens

    Artist in Residence

    Why Princeton?